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The truth is, it's only when you are balanced within and can be both the nurturer and the conqueror that you will find yourself attracted to people capable of creating healthy relationships. And when two wholes come together, the sum is always greater than the parts. No matter your zodiac sign, the mix of astrology and tarot will be beneficial for you.

Aries, sometimes in life the king on the throne isn't the one ruling the empire. It's the puppetmaster who controls the king.

This person may or may not be romantically involved with you. But the Tarot is warning you to wake up and take back your power now and put an end to their subtle manipulations. Taurus, this card came up for you a few weeks back.

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And it was warning you to end your addictions, whether they be an addiction to substances or an individual. Well, the Tarot says you have not put in the work that was needed to break free, so the Devil has started to turn upright again. In short, it's not good news.

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And if you don't change course right now, you will find yourself enslaved once more. Enslaved and trapped in a toxic cycle with no foreseeable way out. Gemini, your guard is up and you are not taking any chances with this person. They hurt you in the past. And once was enough for you. Or was it? Because it seems like, even with your guard up, you are secretly wishing for a resolution with this individual.

An apology?


Love Tarot Card for the Day for Cancer

A conversation? Only you know what you want. Well, the Tarot says you might have to wait a while longer for that.

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Maybe until the last few days of the next waning moon. Cancer, if you have felt trapped in a romantic situation with someone, this card says you will see the light at the end of the tunnel this week.

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As in, you will finally realize how to extricate yourself from this toxic situation and be free. You and your lover bond as a couple by choosing to please each other. You become a couple by acting as a team, making choices which sustain your relationship.

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  4. Today you continue to either support or abandon your relationship through the decisions you make. Perhaps you and your lover disagree about your plans for the day. You might have to choose between your lover and something or someone else. Cancer is serious about marriage and not looking for a one-night stand.

    She seeks true love and wants real and honest romance.

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    She is unforgiving and she will never forget how you hurt her. If you want this relationship to last, just remember to be faithful and to respect her. Both Taurus and Cancer are family oriented people. Together they make a perfect pair and they will happily build a family and home. This is a relationship ruled by emotions and neither is able to hide their feelings from the other.

    TAURUS: Reversed Devil

    They share many interest and value the same things in life like their family, home, and children. Both signs are highly expressive and emotionally open.

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    They will not run into many communication problems or misunderstandings. These two signs really understand each other and each will go out of their way to take care of the other. Though they have a generally harmonious relationship, they do differ when it comes to material things. Taurus likes money and material wealth while Cancer looks for more ethereal and spiritual pleasures.

    Aquarius and Cancer will have a highly incompatible relationship. Cancer loves to feel needed and Aquarius is too independent. Though Aquarius has good intentions when they try to help Cancer, Cancer is often left feeling hurt and belittled.